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Why Virtual Staging is the Next Big Tool in Real Estate

When agents discovered the power of staging, the property market was changed forever. Instead of selling a property as-is, agents could now entice buyers into imagining themselves owning the property in all kinds of exciting and new ways. Traditional staging, despite it’s effectiveness, can be time consuming, expensive and require a number of experts. Virtual staging is the latest tool in real estate, allowing buyers to view a digital version of a beautifully staged house.

Build the Buyers Vision

It’s no secret that buyers are more likely to make that all important purchase when they can imagine themselves in the property. This is where staging, both physical and virtual, can make a noticeable difference to conversion rates as well as time spent on the market. A 2011 study by the Real Estate Staging Association found that once staged, homes spend 73% less time on the market, an excellent testament to the power of staging to entice buyers into making the purchase.

Increase the Perceived Value

Virtual staging increases property value by allowing potential buyers to visualize the space as more than simply a blank canvas, and dramatically increasing their perceived value of the property. This improved value perception is created by the buyers ability to picture the possibilities of a property that is otherwise empty, partially furnished, incomplete or under renovation. Virtual staging is particularly powerful tool for adding value to properties where traditional staging isn’t possible due to difficult entrance ways or partially finished construction, or perhaps when the existing furniture doesn’t meet the style and needs to be virtually removed.

Lower Your Sales Expense

Under many different circumstances, staging makes the perfect fit for a property. However, many end up questioning whether the extensive efforts and extra costs of staging are worthwhile. Virtual staging decreases the listing costs without sacrificing the benefits of traditional staging. Due to virtual staging requiring considerably less legwork and equipment, it comes with a suitably pleasing price tag as well. Thanks to the shift in the cost-benefit equation, many people are beginning to notice this obvious benefit to using virtual staging.

Reduce the Time Investment

It’s not just the cost that is luring agents and vendors into virtual staging, the time and effort (or lack thereof) is a massive draw card as well. Virtual staging weighs in as considerably less time consuming than traditional stagings, as there is no laboring time involved selecting, adding, removing or arranging furniture and decorations. What formally took hours, days or even weeks to achieve can now be created virtually in just a matter of hours.

Expensive Experts not Required

Where traditional staging techniques involve the expert eye of a specialist to get the interior design just right, additional hands to help in the set-up process, and the timely and often frustrating job of choosing the right staging equipment, virtual staging wins many people over thanks to the ease of use. Are the colors not quite right? No problem, it can be changed with nearly the click of a button. The learning curve for virtual staging is simple and with minimal time investment anybody can find themselves comfortable using it.

Just a few mouse clicks away, you can see your empty or nearly empty property adorned with stylish sofas, impressive feature walls and other interior design changes. An impressive way to show buyers the potential an otherwise ‘blank canvas’ property hods. Whether for cost, time or other considerations, virtual staging is a powerful tool to increase your property value.

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