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You got used to looking at cheesy, thoroughly cleaned apartments. I’d say soulless. At first sight they are modern, elegant and expensive, but you won’t feel comfortable there. 

Although, we usually need professional high quality photos of empty and clean rooms it doesn’t mean we don’t work with unfinished or “imperfect” properties. It is always a challenge to transform a completely unappealing space to a warmly welcoming home. And we love challenges. They make us grow. 

Here is one of the examples of this kind of property. Well…not only is this room unattractive but also unfinished. There is nothing we can’t put into effect. 

Of course the process of recreating the floor, walls and ceiling is really complicated we are able to do this. The only reason we didn’t change the ceiling and the walls is the client’s request to leave them as they are. I should say it won’t be such a cool loft without these brick walls and wooden beams.

When you look at the staged photo the image of you and your friends or family playing some kind of a board game and having fun emerges in your mind. 

As you can see we are able to make any kind of property into a cozy place where you can feel like home.