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Eternal seller syndrome – why do some apartments never find their buyers?

Not in every instance the reason of the failure to sell an apartment is its state or market situation in general. What is an apartment? It is an object, a commodity or an estate. No matter how you call it, it cannot decide how it should look, how much it should cost and which side it should turn to a buyer to appeal. All of these questions are answered by an owner and/or broker of the property. The more brokers are in charge of an apartment the more difficulties there are in selling it.

There are tons of HOW TO articles in regards to the choice of a broker, his or her duties, however, there is a few words about how to become an effective seller and get the deal without being disillusioned with people and the process itself.

Long-term experience in real estate market has shown that less effective sellers are:

  • Owners of the property acquired as a result of a deed of gift, an inheritance or a privatization;
  • “downshifter” (selling a property to buy a new one);
  • Divorcing spouses;
  • Eternal buyers (believe in magic).

Here are some factors that affect sales:

  • Inadequate price through inflated expectations;
  • Ill-preparedness in showing the real price;
  • Lack of constructive dialog between owners on choice of a broker and sale strategy.

No matter what your beliefs or life circumstances are, you should not forget – the more time it takes to sell a property the less attractive it becomes for a potential buyer.  In order to avoid such issues we do recommend considering all pros and cons of your property and selling methods.

If you have faced such issue and have no idea how to get off the dime, virtual staging will be the life-line.

About 80% of “dead” apartments were sold in a few months once they’d been virtually staged. The apartments became fresh and welcoming that immediately appealed to buyers.  Just have a look at our works and see the difference for yourself.