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Hasten is among the best, offering top-tier services that truly have an impact. From the first day we began using Hasten's service we tracked an immediate uptick in leads & incoming calls. In a cluttered marketplace where customers have a challenging time sifting through properties online, Hasten offers solutions to make your listing stand out. To boot, Aleksandr, the CEO of Hasten, and his team are easy to work with, tending to needs efficiently, delivering work on time, every time. We certainly recommend using Hasten.

Rolan, Brick&Mortar


We strongly recommend Hasten to all of our colleagues. Aleksandr is extremely responsive and accessible. The photos come out looking stunning! We are constantly asked who virtually staged our photos. The images come out looking so real that you cannot even tell its virtually staged. Our team is extremely happy with the level of professionalism at Hasten. We use their services for every single exclusive listing we have on the market. Highly recommend them.

Todd, The Corcoran Group

Hasten has proven to be the leader in virtual staging because they understand the importance to realism, perspective, detail and light. This separates Hasten from other virtual stagers which tend have an odd look to their renders – often appearing fake, floating or not aligning with the image’s natural room perspective. Hasten’s knowledge of how to simulate streaming sunlight across folds of fabric or other objects ‘anchors’ the furnishings into the image. It’s literally impossible to see that the furnishings are ‘virtually rendered’. The images look credible and translate a new vision to prospective buyers.

Ralph, Compass

Hasten has been incredible for our business. Most virtual staging either looks too fake and cheap or costs nearly as much as actually staging the properties. With Hasten, they add details to the staging like a throw blanket because if they didn't it would look too perfect. Their quality is top notch and so is the service. They match the aesthetic we are going for in every case.

Joshua, Siderow

Hasten did such a great job with the virtual decor for my empty listings that my fellow real estate brokers couldn't tell it was virtually staged. I thought I had found the best and then I found Hasten.  The collaboration with the editing until the final product could not have been easier and was very collaborative.  I highly recommend them.

Chris, Compass

Our team uses Hasten for all of our virtual staging needs! We receive the utmost high-end service from them as well as quality work with a luxurious feel.

Jordan, Nest Seekers


In a market where buyers and renters have a plethora of options to choose from, Hasten is the solution I have been dreaming of. They have managed to take virtual staging to the next level with realistic staged photos of the home. Hasten has been an instrumental part of my business since our very first project together. They are amazing to work with, fast to respond to e-mail, and very well worth every penny. I do not know how I would manage without them, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for any of their services. I am an extremely satisfied, happy agent thanks to my new partner - Hasten! 

Ruthie, Compass

I have used Hasten virtual staging service on multiple occasions and I got  the best attention to detail, and the best virtual staging I have ever seen. The furniture looks incredibly real and perfect for every job I’ve asked for.

Spencer, The Corcoran Group