Virtual Staging

Creating each of our pictures, we challenge boring, blank, and low-key interiors in every aspect. We believe we can think differently.We toss the challenge to ordinary and plain projects by means of sophisticated design, ultra-realistic images, high-quality service, super-fast feedback, and, the last but not least, understanding of what you want to see down the line.And we turn it into reality contributing to selling your property faster.


Virtual staging has become an essential part of real estate marketing. 84% top selling brokers in NYC use Hasten for virtual staging. Why does almost everyone choose virtual staging over real home staging? It is cheaper. It is faster. It looks way better. Stop wasting your time and money on “luxury home staging”. You are a 21st century human!


It’s not as complicated as it may seem. We have created an interactive portal for collecting all the above details. Tantify is super easy-to-use. Just try it!