Home Staging Tips to Expedite Sales

Agents agree that staging a home can decrease the days a house is on the market and increase the home’s value by getting more and better offers.

According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, 47% of buyers’ agents said that staging positively affected most buyers’ opinions of a home. It makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the space and picture themselves in what could be their future home, as you can see below:

Inspection Support Network asked experts on the topic for their best home staging advice to have a successful staging that can result in a fast house selling. Keep reading to know the tips from Alex Lanin, CEO of Hasten, and other prominent experts.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when virtual staging? Answered by Oleksandr Lanin, CEO of Hasten

For us, it’s our target client and his goal. And for real estate professionals who order virtual staging, again, it’s clients and their goals. You might consider bohemian or modern style to get the look younger generation can relate to, and maybe stick closer to traditional for a big family house. Or even provide different ideas on how to use the space, options for redevelopment, and so on.

Real estate professionals have vast experience and know their target audience and potential buyers. In most cases, the most important thing when ordering virtual staging is to use this knowledge and share insights with your virtual staging team.

One of our steady clients, Ashlei De Souza, who is a broker at Serhant and host of Staged show, suggests the following tips to market a listing during the economic downturn:

• Stage home for needs, not wants
• Maximize the space to show off the property
• Create alternate floorplans

Use your expertise and choose a virtual staging vendor you trust to make it all shine!

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