Tips from Visual Marketing Experts
Have you ever wanted to sell a property? It’s not that easy - many aspects need to be taken into account. That’s why the Porch team gathered real estate marketing professionals to express their expert opinion. Alex Lanin, CEO and founder of Hasten, highlighted one of the questions.

Why use virtual staging?

It’s no longer a secret that virtual staging sells houses faster, easier, and for a higher price. It helps promote a property listing, attract more interested buyers, get more showings booked, and ultimately increase the perceived value of a home. Even if a vacant property may look good in professionally taken photos, it’s still hard to get a feel of the space and its true potential without properly scaled furniture or high-end decor. So why not make it easier for your prospects to envision themselves living happily in this beautiful home? Now click on the images below to compare three listings in the same high-end building on 282 S 5th St: furnished, professionally photographed, and virtually staged by our team back in 2019.

A listing may look unprofessional despite real furniture, professionally taken photos may look blank, and surprisingly, images created in 2019 still look good if you choose the right virtual staging vendor. It changes everything. That's why this listing of our client was rented right away and is now live again, featuring the same images created back then.